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Sierra Adapter Harness for Sena SR10 to Honda Goldwing GL-1800

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Sierra Adapter Harness for Sena SR10 to Honda Goldwing GL-1800

Sierra / SENA Bluetooth solution for Honda Goldwing
If you are one of the many Honda Goldwing GL1800 riders that have been anticipating a solution for utilizing a SENA Bluetooth headset for communication on the Goldwing factory audio system, it is now available.

The creative engineering of a fellow Goldwing rider, Mr. Steve Schmidt, has made it possible to use the
SENA SMH10 Bluetooth headset along with a SENA SR10 Bluetooth two-way radio adapter for the GL-1800 audio system. 

This system is best utilized by the solo rider.  It allows the rider to listen to anything on the Goldwing's audio system, other than the intercom.

With the SENA SR10 and this adapter harness, the rider may listen to the AM/FM radio, auxiliary audio, weather band, and navigation instructions.  You also may receive and transmit from the facotry CB radio.  The SENA SR10 also allows the riders to connect via Bluetooth to a cell phone or Bluetooth GPS.  The SR10 also has two hard wired mono inputs for connection to a non-Bluetooth GPS, and/or radar detector.  This allows audio from these devices to be integrated into the riders helmet as well. 

Sierra is happy to offer a new Bluetooth interface, designed by Steve Schmidt, for the Honda GL1800 that allows for the full integration of all features of the audio system including CB using the SENA Bluetooth components.

Sierra Adapter Harness for Sena SR10 to Honda Goldwing
Installation and Operating Instructions

Kit Requires:

SENA Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset
SENA SR10 Bluetooth Two-way Radio Adapter

Price: $99.99

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